women participate in dbt therapy for substance abuse

DBT Therapy for Substance Abuse

When trying to maintain recovery, there will be times when you want to give up the struggle and begin using again. However, addiction therapy programs may help to prevent a relapse. Dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT therapy for substance abuse, involves emotion regulation, mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance. By keeping your emotions in check,…

woman participates in holistic addiction treatment

What Is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Everyone responds differently to therapy, and by focusing attention on the mind, body, spirit, and emotions, the full impact of treatment can take hold and lead to a less hectic and more balanced life. With holistic treatment, the whole person is considered when approaching treatment for various maladies, including mental health disorders and substance abuse.…

woman begins treatment with medication for opioid withdrawal

What Medications Can Help with Opioid Withdrawal?

Opioids are the synthetic version of opium that includes fentanyl, oxycodone, and hydrocodone. Across the country, people are becoming addicted to opioids at an alarming rate. This wave of opioid addiction is partly due to doctors overprescribing medication that contain opioids. People become addicted to the effects, and once the prescription runs out, people turn…

therapy group meets at partial hospitalization program

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

At Compass Detox, we proudly provide a partial hospitalization program to help people begin their road to recovery. If you struggle with addiction and wonder, “What is a partial hospitalization program?” our team has the experience and knowledge to provide the answer. We can also be reached by calling [Direct] or completing our online form. What…