woman deals with heroin detox

Does Heroin Detox Mean Withdrawal?

When you detox from drugs such as heroin, there is always a withdrawal period. Heroin withdrawal, like that of other opioids, may be severe. For best results, it’s still safest to detox through a medically supervised heroin detox program. Otherwise, you may become gravely ill. Additionally, cravings may feel overwhelming. As a result, you could…

partial hospitalization during covid

Are PHPs Safe During COVID?

PHP is an acronym for a partial hospitalization program. As part of a PHP, patients receive the same high level of care they would in a residential addiction treatment program. However, partial hospitalization permits participants to return home each night. This type of program is ideal for patients who have completed residential treatment and transition…

group learns about addictions that dont require detox

What Drug Addictions Don’t Require Detox?

Are you addicted to a drug that doesn’t require detox to recover? The answer to this question will always be no. Every substance use disorder requires the initial step of detox before treatment can begin, even prescription medications given to you by your doctor. Surprisingly, even marijuana requires a period of detox before recovery. You…